LBR003 – The Old Smugglers – Aleatorium

LBR003 – The Old Smugglers – Aleatorium

Aleatorium is 17 tracks of undeserved confidence and ill-conceived notions of grandeur recorded March 2015 in a cabin in the woods by the light of a gas lamp. With pounding headaches, our heroes crawl from the shores of Smuggler’s Cove and into the dark and ominous woods that lie just beyond Point of No Return. It is getting late and the temperature is dropping. The screech of an owl and the taunts from the moon was enough to keep them pressing onward. The Old Smugglers come to a clearing where they see the flicker of a lamp through a window of an oddly shaped house. In the distance they hear the faint sound of a child crying through the verses of Happy Birthday while a substitute teacher eagerly greets his classroom. The Infamous Dr. Thunder and Mister December approach the dwelling and open the door. Heat blasts the room from an old cast iron stove. There is no electricity or running water. The hissing gas lamp on the center of the wall illuminates a menagerie of objects on a table. The shadows dance and drip off the ceiling as if the Devil himself drank the fire and gave them life. Armed with 50 batteries, The Smugglers quickly get to work and record an aleatoric masterpiece of undeserved confidence and ill-conceived notions of grandeur as the snow starts to fall.

  1. You’ve Got the Shimmys
  2. Ocean Fell from the Sky
  3. Black Molasses
  4. Angel of the Sea
  5. Told the World You Were Gilded
  6. Squelch
  7. Viaduct
  8. Salad Days
  9. Make Haste to the Smugglery
  10. Best Parking Space on the Block
  11. Posthumous Son
  12. Clipped wings
  13. Return to the Sea
  14. The Devil Always Knows
  15. Beat the Fire Outta You
  16. Bullet
  17. We All Walk the Plank Alone

Lyrics and music by The Old Smugglers
Recorded by Erik Pearson
Mixed and mastered by Tom Herbers
Photography by Joshua W Murray

Last Bullet Records
©2015 The Old Smugglers. All rights reserved.

released November 13, 2015

The Infamous Dr. Thunder – vocals, guitar, drums, percussion, accordion, kazoo
Mister December – guitar, backing vocals, bass, percussion, mandolin