LBR002 – The Old Smugglers – And When the Madness Passed

LBR002 – The Old Smugglers – And When the Madness Passed

Our shipwrecked and inept heroes wash ashore the deserted island known as Smuggler’s Cove. Without a clue or paddle they wander the island in search of food and shelter. Days passed and there is still no sign of nourishment. The flotsam of the former O.T. Roy is starting to come in with the tide and The Old Smugglers are getting desperate for the madness is beginning. They find a crate labeled ‘Food’ and open it with anticipation. However, instead of food they find tins of coffee, bottles of scotch, a Girl Scout songbook, two guitars, and recording equipment. The Old Smugglers drown themselves in liquid inspiration and motivation to stay up for 24 hours recording an epic collection of aural elixirs. And when the madness passed, The Old Smugglers ate bacon scramblers for breakfast.

  1. And When the Madness Passed
  2. Back of the Bread
  3. Valleys Green
  4. Lark
  5. Jack
  6. Toompa
  7. Turn Ye to Me
  8. Sleep
  9. Song of the Sea
  10. Barges

Lyrics and music by The Old Smugglers
Recorded by The Old Smugglers
Mixed and mastered by Erik Pearson
Photography by Joshua W Murray

Last Bullet Records
©2014 The Old Smugglers. All rights reserved.

released August 7, 2014

The Infamous Dr. Thunder – vocals, guitar, percussion, accordion
Mister December – vocals, guitar, bass, percussion