LBR001 – 10 days in the woods with dr. thunder.

LBR001 – 10 days in the woods with dr. thunder.

This album was recorded over a ten day period in February of 2012 in the woods of Wisconsin. The cabin I recorded in was heated by a wood stove, had no running water, and no electricity, so everything had to be run on batteries. Much of the percussion was recoded from the barrels, tubs, pots and pans, and scrap metal pieces that was found on the property. I also almost walked into a porcupine.

  1. Orange Orange Sand
  2. Swell of A Swallow
  3. Square Jaw
  4. Best Kept Songs of the Rain
  5. Pop Eight Fifty Eight
  6. Parkway Lights
  7. We’ve Been Expecting You
  8. Fulton Fry
  9. A Last Care Washed Into the Swollen Ground
  10. Blackwell Hitch
  11. She Don’t Hesitate
  12. Vogelzang
  13. Pollyanna
  14. Houndstooth Blanket
  15. Washing Up
  16. Devil’s Moon

released April 23, 2012

All lyrics and music written, performed and recorded by
the infamous dr. thunder.

©2012, 2016 Last Bullet Records